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Why are GMT’s Catalyst Alerts so valuable to traders?

The successful trading of all markets, whether Forex, Stocks, Bonds, Commodities or otherwise requires, above all else, volatility.

Put simply, if a market isn’t moving, there is no risk, no reward and no opportunity. Period.

The GMT Catalyst Alerts System cuts out all the painstaking time required to properly search for catalysing events which are going to move markets and instead delivers them direct to your inbox each day so you can focus only on the markets which are most likely to move in the coming days, weeks and months.

How does the Catalyst Alerts System work?

The first job of any trader is to find markets which are going to move. Now, with the Catalyst Alerts system, we do the hard work so you don’t have to!

Receive the Free GMT Catalyst Alerts Report direct to your inbox each day notifying you of the previous days major market moving events in Forex and Stocks as well as a directional bias for each asset covered in the dailyreport to help you interpret the Catalysts and their likely impact on each market going forward.

Reports are generated for the prior trading day to allow sufficient time for market to settle after the initial volatility that comes from Market Catalysts.

Market Catalysts are assessed with a view to finding the direction of a market in the following days, weeks and months and are not recommended for trading immediately as they happen due to the uncertainty of the market moves in the minutes and hours after the Market Catalyst event takes place.

What major Catalysts does the GMT Catalyst Alerts Systems notify me of?

The daily report will notify you of:

Significant Beats and Misses in Global Macro data (Forex & Commodities)

Significant Beats and Misses in Stock Earnings

Notable Upgrades and Downgrades of individual Stocks by rating agencies

Notable insider Buying and Selling of individual Stocks

What traders will benefit the most from the Catalyst Alerts System?

Whilst All Traders should be focused on finding markets which are most likely to move, some trading approaches will benefit more from the GMT Catalyst Alerts System than others.

One of the biggest reasons aspiring traders and investors lose money is because they allocate capital into assets which lack any real volatility. This leads to them becoming stopped out in choppy markets as well as tying up capital in markets which don’t move.

Whilst it is never a good policy to allocate capital to markets which have no volatility (no potential reward), this is especially problematic for Day Traders and Options Traders as they lack the ability to wait for markets to become volatile again due to the natural time restrictions (1 day volatility & contract expirations) on those types of trading approaches.

On the flip side, of course, volatile markets also have the ability to produce the greatest returns.

Traders with a long term time horizon have the ability to hold and to wait for markets to exit a period of low volatility, however, the obvious question is – why would any trader want to sit with capital tied up in markets which are not moving for any period of time at all?

With this being the case the Catalyst Alerts System is an important tool for All Traders however for short term traders, especially Day Traders and Options Traders, it is absolutely essential.

Get FREE Catalyst Alerts Direct to Your Inbox