GMT Pro Scorecards

We believe that one of the main reasons traders lose money is that they are trading the wrong markets at the wrong time...


The GMT Pro Scorecards display a 1-month forward looking probability score based on macro economic data.


This highlights the optimum trading opportunities across a multitude of asset classes every day. 


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How do the Pro Scorecards work?

Get Me Trading’s proprietary Pro Scorecard system uses hundreds of different Global Macro data inputs to generate a score for each market between -4 (oversold) and +4 (overbought).


Scores are generated across Yields, Commodities, Currencies, Global Indices and US Stock Sectors and are updated within the Pro Scorecards user area every day.


These scores can then be used to take either concentrated trades or hedged positions (as part of portfolio).

Get a Clear Market Overview with the Pro Scorecards Dashboard

Start each trading day by logging in to your Pro Scorecards Dashboard where you will find a snapshot of the most Bullish and Bearish markets to trade.


The Dashboard provides the perfect area to get a quick overview of the highest probability markets before drilling down into the Scorecards themselves.


Here you will also find 5 Key Indicators displayed as toggle switches covering Beta, Consumer, Corporate Bonds, Market Cap and Volatility. This shows you the best areas in the markets to look for trading opportunities.

75 Daily Scorecards across Multiple Asset Classes

After feeling the pulse of the markets in the Dashboard, it’s time to move into the Scorecards themselves for a deep dive into the markets that present the best trading opportunities.


Here you will see that each market is given a Score between -4 and +4. This information can be used to create your own trade set ups and is also used in the Analysis area of the platform by our Head Analyst John Fortune.


For a full list of the markets that we Scorecard click here

Real-time Analysis from Head Analyst John Fortune

Whether you are new to trading, or simply looking to improve your results with the GMT Pro Scorecards, our Head Analyst John Fortune posts analysis and market commentary to suppliment the data we display.

Be sure to check in each day for valuable insights and instructionals posted in real-time and displayed in the form of text updates, chart images and short, easy to digest videos.

As a Pro Scorecards subscriber you can also submit your feedback directly via the Pro Scorecards platform. This helps us to continuously update that service we provide to you!

Pro Scorecards FAQ
  • Can I contribute to GMT?
    Whilst we are not currently seeking content from any external providers, this may change in the future. Keep checking back to the website for more info!
  • Do you offer trading signals?
    GMT do not offer trading signals. The primary goal of both our free course and our Pro Scorecard subscription service is to educate you to a level whereby you do not rely on trading signals. Pro Scorecards help you to identify markets with the highest probabilities. This should then form the foundation of your trading. It is down to each individual trader to construct their own trades. Relying on trading signals has no longevity and Get Me Trading was created with the goal of helping people become strong competent traders in their own right.  
  • How much money do I need to open a Brokerage account?
    This varies from broker to broker. Most platform providers have very low minimum deposit requirements in order to remain competitive. However, just because you can open a trading account with as little as $50, doesn't mean you should You should always have enough capital in your account to cover margin and starting with a balance too low and opening trades that are too large for the account size is a quick way to lose money. Take some time to consider how much available capital you have to dedicate to trading and always remember, any capital allocated to trading is always at risk!
  • Which is the best broker to trade with?
    This all depends on your unique criteria, such as the country you are based in, the types of instruments you wish to trade with, and the amount you are looking to deposit. If you are subscribed to the GMT Membership, we recommend using the same broker as our Head Trader, John Fortune.  If you wish to get the most from the Pro Scorecards and Daily Video Analysis, it is important to select a broker that offers a wide range of instruments to trade. You can open an account by following this link: Open Trading Account
  • Do GMT offer investment advice?
    Get Me Trading is purely for educational purposes only and none of the information on this website should be considered investment advice. If you are looking for investment advice then always ensure you work with regulate companies with a strong track record. The primary aim of Get Me Trading is to give you the tools you need to manage your own trading account. This includes not just the ability to identify strong trades, but also to set up your trading in a way that is focused on probabilities. Risk management is one of the most important areas to focus on for any trader and our 100 video trading course has an entire section dedicated to this discipline.
  • Where can I watch the Get Me Trading Course?
    You can view the entire course here on our website by going to the Free Courses section. The Course is broken down into 4 key Topics: Macro Fundamental Analysis, Fundamental Analysis of Stocks & Companies, Price Action & Technical Analysis, and Advanced Risk Management Principles. Each module builds on the next to allow you to take yourself to Pro Level, assuming no prior knowledge!