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Confused about which type of broker is right for you? Depending on your experience and level of investment, you may be suitable for either an “Execution Only” style account or an “Advisory” style account where you can utilise the experience and knowledge of a dedicated investment advisor.

Lets explore the benefits of both types of account


Trade your own account and make your own investment decisions

Deposit with a regulated custodian

Choose from a range of platforms depending on your trading plan

Start with a low deposit amount from £250

Get access to thousands of global markets

Spread Betting, CFD and Forex trading


Work with an experienced trader

Get access to IPOs and other Alternative investments

Get specific advice on what to trade and how to manage your investments

Trade CFDs with an expert trader

Trade safely using proven risk management strategies

Build an equity portfolio with an expert investment advisor

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Frequently Asked Questions

Helpie FAQ
  • Where can I watch the Get Me Trading Course?

    You can view the entire course here on our website by going to the Free Courses section Alternatively, the complete course is available on our YouTube channel over at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-jUmkS9ruezy_Owro7EOw





  • Which is the best broker to trade with?

    This all depends on your unique criteria, such as the country you are based in, the types of instruments you wish to trade with, and the amount you are looking to deposit. Speak with a GMT expert using our live chat and we can help you isolate the best platform provider in your area.

  • Do you offer trading signals?

    GMT do offer trading signals. The primary goal of our free course is to educate you to a level whereby you do not rely on trading signals. If you are interested in receiving daily catalyst alerts, you can click here to find out more

  • Helpie FAQ
  • Do GMT offer investment advice?

    Get Me Trading is purely for educational purposes only and none of the information on this website should be considered investment advice. If you are looking for investment advice then why not Speak with an Expert and we can point you towards a regulated investment advisor.

  • How much money do I need to open a Brokerage account?

    This varies from broker to broker and will primarily depend if you are looking to open an execution only or advisory style account. Advisory style accounts tend to have larger minimums so if you are starting with a small balance to begin with we would recommend starting out with a execution only

  • Can I contribute to GMT?

    Whilst we are not currently seeking content from any external providers, this may change in the future. Keep checking back to the website for more info!