GetMeTrading: Daily Video Analysis & live market Training

Daily Pro Video Analysis

Stay up to date on what’s happening with the markets with Daily Video Updates from our Head Trader John Fortune.

Look over his shoulder: Learn how to navigate and trade the markets profitably and consistently, starting today!

John Fortune

What’s Included in the Membership?

  • Daily Analysis Videos from Head Trader John Fortune: every morning, Monday – Friday posted in your members area and available to watch On-Demand. Start your day with the guidance of a successful professional trader! (average video running time 30-minutes).
  • Real Time Setups: Throughout the day, receive real-time trading set ups based on our Head Traders time tested Swing Trading strategy.

What’s covered in the Daily Analysis & Training Videos?

The Daily Analysis Videos contained within your members area follow a 3-part blueprint and will prove to be an invaluable way to start each trading day.

Breakdown of important market news

Get prepared as we assess previous and upcoming key events which have an affect on how current markets are trading.  

Analysis of HedgeDash to find the top markets in play

Head Trader, John Fortune talks you through HedgeDash each day to help identify the highest probability markets.

Highlighting potential trading opportunities

Having isolated the highest probability markets, we drill down into the technicals to identify potential trading opportunities.