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Here you can download the accompanying spreadsheets to support the Free GMT Course.

The Free GMT course is being offered to the public free of charge, with one video being released each day starting from Monday 6th December 2021 and continuing until the entire 100+ video course is available in its entirety.

Forex Trading Sessions

Detailed list of Forex trading sessions, Forex trading times, Forex time zones and Forex trading hours

 Lesson 1 Spreadsheet

Exchange Rates

Analysis of the various exchange rates and exchange rate regimes such as a floating exchange rate a fixed exchange rate.

Lesson 2 Spreadsheet

Aggregate Demand & Supply

Aggregate Demand and Supply, Aggregate Demand and Supply Curves plus components of Aggregate Demand.

Lesson 4 Spreadsheet

GDP Explained

What is GDP? Learn how to calculate GDP as well as the different types of Gross Domestic Product.

Lesson 11 Spreadsheet

Inflation Explained

What is Inflation? Learn the causes of inflation and deflation (Demand-Pull Inflation & Cost-Push Inflation)

Lesson 18 Spreadsheet

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